14 October 2019

Rabobank Innovatie Fonds verstrekt Innovatie Lening

Het Rabobank Innovatie Fonds heeft Condi food een Achtergestelde Innovatie Lening verstrekt. Wij zien de toekenning van de lening als een erkenning voor de ontwikkeling die Condi food de afgelopen periode heeft doorgemaakt en een teken van vertrouwen in de toekomst. Condi zal de extra financiële middelen inzetten om haar producten verder te ontwikkelen. De toegang tot het uitgebreide netwerk en de reputatie van de Rabobank kunnen helpen bij de introductie van Condi bij nieuwe klanten.
17 June 2019

Meet Jesse

We are proud to grow the condi team and introduce you to Jesse Hoogervorst. With a fresh Bachelors degree in Mechatronics Engineering, he will unite hardware and software design in the heart of our solutions. As he says: “Making embedded systems is only possible when the engineer has a deep understanding of the complete system and manages to play with both hardware and software solutions to make most elegant and fool proof products.” Jesse has always been intrigued by how […]
5 December 2018

Condi food will be present on the Agrifoodtech 2018

Condi food will be present on the Agrifoodtech 2018. 12 & 13 December – Brabanthallen ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
14 March 2018

Scientist Daniël joining condi food

Warmond – March 14, 2018 The Condi food team is growing further with scientist Daniël Geelen. He did his PhD research at Leiden University. Speaking to Daniël on International Pi Day is a great way to get to know him, to celebrate the 14th of March he brought pie for the team, which is also the birthday of Einstein he mentions happily. Daniël is familiar to Condi food from his time he was an intern at cosine, the founding company […]
23 October 2017

Software developer Vincent joins our team

Warmond – October 2017 With multiple projects in the Condi food portfolio, now is a good time to expand our team, We are pleased to introduce Vincent Post, who will work as a software developer. Vincent just graduated cum laude as a physicist at Leiden University, Quantum Matter and Optics track. His main internship was at cosine, one of the founders of Condi food, where he researched image processing techniques for the HyperScout instrument. During this internship, he discovered his […]