Food Quality & Safety

Inspect beyond the visible and detect quality characteristics,
defects and foreign materials in real-time

Vision inspection benefits

Quality & Safety from seeds to food

Inspect the complete food chain for best results in food quality & safety

1 Seeding & breeding

Inspect and select the best seeds and ingredients for optimal growth of crops and breeding of livestock.

2 Livestock farmers & crop growers

Optimize all conditions including feeding and watering for efficiency and product quality

3 Harvest & produce

Be in control of quality of crop and livestock

4 Food processing

Inspect incoming produce, processing, check for foreign materials and automate selection based on quality characteristics

5 Food stock, distribution & consumption

Ensure quality, inspect shelf life of product and record quality before expediting

How we work


Step by step approach

  1. Feasibility study & define business case
  2. Perform measurements in lab setup
  3. Define and develop food model
  4. Build a test system to validate food model
  5. Build a prototype to run (on-site) acceptance test
  6. Build production system and implement in production line

Work with us

Experts in hyperspectral imaging

We originate from cosine measurement systems -a company supplying advanced imaging systems for space, air, field and factory. Making high-end products for space raised the question:

“why can we see anything on earth from space – even through clouds – and still are not able to define whether the food we eat is safe to eat?”

Mastering the technology to achieve this and the willingness and focus to apply this to the food market, condi food was born.

With over a decade of experience in hyperspectral imaging solutions, we have a great sense of what is possible and what is (still) impossible.


Driven by creating solutions that work

We love science and are very eager to work with our customers to make innovative and economically sound solutions. With our down-to-earth attitude and approach we are open to any kind of solution, as long as it creates business value to our customers.

Our in-house laboratory is a great playground to test and measure different quality characteristics and samples before starting a full development track.

Condi food is specialized in food quality and safety and will apply cutting edge technology to the benefit of all parties involved.