Quality control


Use case
Inbound tomatoes from subcontractors or growers abroad are analysed for brix levels based on sampling. This is a time consuming process with very small sample sizes. Using the Condi system, the sample size can be enlarged significantly and results are available in a matter of seconds.

– savings on costs of personnel
– larger sample sizes
– feedback to growers about the quality of the tomatoes
– strengthen the reputation for quality products
– data are directly stored, minimizing the change of process errors and saving time

Business case
In the present process manual analysis to determine the brix level is carried out with a very limited number of tomatoes. Both sweetness and acidity are crucial for a good taste. They can be both measured at the same time. The Condi system presents the results of 32 tomatoes in a matter of seconds instead of hours. Hence a much larger sample size is feasible and outcomes can be used for business purposes instantly.

Potential applications:
– tomatoes
– other crops

The Condi system scans the tomatoes and presents the results on a display. The system measures sweetness (brix). The measurement of acidity (both TA and pH) can be added. The data is linked to the grower, harvest and harvest date without administrative mistakes or manual eleborative processes. Data is stored for statistical analyses and can be combined with other data.