Scientist Daniël joining condi food

Warmond – March 14, 2018

The Condi food team is growing further with scientist Daniël Geelen. He did his PhD research at Leiden University. Speaking to Daniël on International Pi Day is a great way to get to know him, to celebrate the 14th of March he brought pie for the team, which is also the birthday of Einstein he mentions happily.

Daniël is familiar to Condi food from his time he was an intern at cosine, the founding company of Condi food. During this internship he already worked on early projects for Condi food, to apply the hyperspectral blood stain dating technique to measure the freshness of fish. It was that time he started to love to apply physics and high tech to everyday problems of companies that do not have in-house scientists to create new solutions and to show things that were not visible before.

“At Condi I can work from my intellectual curiosity on real life problems,
and outcomes are actually very useful”

With Condi food he wants to use his intellectual curiosity to solve real life problems of the food industry. By trying understand food beyond its composition, his goal is to understand the underlying principles of food to identify properties in food samples like taste and freshness.