Software developer Vincent joins our team

Warmond – October 2017

With multiple projects in the Condi food portfolio, now is a good time to expand our team, We are pleased to introduce Vincent Post, who will work as a software developer.

Vincent just graduated cum laude as a physicist at Leiden University, Quantum Matter and Optics track. His main internship was at cosine, one of the founders of Condi food, where he researched image processing techniques for the HyperScout instrument. During this internship, he discovered his enthusiasm for software development in a technical environment. In spite of his interest for experimental physics, Vincent decided not to accept offerings for PhD positions. In stead, he opted to further explore his new found passion for software development.

It is magical to see what images can be made of data, and to process these images even further to be able to value and decide on food quality and safety”

Vincent’s role at Condi food is to optimize camera operations, in order to capture the right hyperspectral images in an environment where big data is the norm. The acquired hyperspectral images are used to create food models for Condi food products.

Vincent chose to work for Condi food because: “it would be great if we can keep the world as beautiful as it is now, for next generations. Improving food quality and safety helps improve the sustainability of the food chain, as well as quality of life”.