Condi Food receives UNIIQ investment

Condi Food receives UNIIQ investment to improve food quality and safety with their hyperspectral imaging technology

The Hague, June 29th 2017 – Condi Food will receive an investment of € 300.000 of investment fund UNIIQ to further develop and ultimately test their hyperspectral food inspection system with pilot customers. The system contributes to increasing food quality and -safety. The investment was announced on the 28th of June by Adri Bom-Lemstra, member of the provincial-executive, at the international food and agri conference ‘ERIAFF’.

New technique for determining food quality

To determine the quality of their product, food producers now rely on process checks and/or visual inspections carried out by staff. These methods are both labor-intensive and not fail-proof. Condi Food’s ambition is therefore to develop a system that allows inspection of all food products, without having to touch them or cut them in half.

Robi Nederlof, Managing Director of Condi Food: “With the UNIIQ investment we can further develop current applications of our technology in the lab together with pilot customers. This would lead to a hyperspectral inspection system that is fit to function in the demanding production environments typical for our clients. Ultimately, we aim to replace the inefficient and error-prone monitoring techniques that are now in place for our food products with a continuous inspection system”.

The proof-of-concept fund UNIIQ is pleased to announce its first investment in the food sector: “The Netherlands play an important role in the food industry”, says Liduina Hammer, Fund Manager of UNIIQ. “Condi Food engages with both food quality and food safety, themes that are becoming increasingly important. UNIIQ’s investment in Condi Food allows the company to further develop its technology, to be ready for the next step when reliability and speed of the system are important determinants of its success”