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Our mission

Given a growing population from 7 billon right now to over 10 billion in 2050 and an increasing welfare, the world is facing enormous challenges with regards to the production of good food. It is our mission to contribute to the solution of these challenges by replacing manual inspection and sorting and sample based off-line food inspection by continuous in-line automated sorting and inspection. This will be achieved by combining advanced optical techniques (hyperspectral imaging), software and algorithms in our system called Condimeter™ to ensure a 100% non-destructive inspection of all food produced. After a series of successful laboratory tests, we are now addressing the challenge of designing and manufacturing a production version of our Condimeter™ in collaboration with our customers.

Context of working with Condi food

Condi food is a young, flexible, agile and growing organization. Product development is based on collaboration with the customer. Our small team works in a start-up environment where management, scientists, software developers and a project leader work closely together. A deep understanding of the customer’s processes is vital for our success.


Are you enthusiastic about condi food and do you have specific skills and/or experience to help us towards our mission? Do you have a strong go-getter mentality and are you fluent in both Dutch and English language?

Please let us know about your skills and experience and about how you think you can add value to our team.

We offer

Market conforming remuneration. A great environment in which to work and develop yourself. A working environment with several highly trained IT professionals, physicists and electro technical professionals. For further information please contact:

Robi Nederlof at 06 50 74 62 08 / or
Jacques van Munster van Heuven at 06 54 79 34 69 /